What Are Your Retirement Housing Options

When it comes to retirement, it often feels as if you have two choices: retirement villages or downsizing. While these options may be viable and attractive to some, they can often be expensive, out-of-the-question or plainly unappealing to others. Perhaps you don’t want to be one of the ‘village people’. Perhaps you’ve always been more of a Beatles fan.

Retirement in 2017 is completely different to what it was in the past. In the ‘old days’, retirement meant a nursing home, a walking cane and 24 hour care. These days, retirement covers everything and anything from working-part time, travelling abroad, dating new partners or starting a whole new life – cocktail in hand!

Retirement has changed – so why haven’t the options for housing? As it turns out, you may have more options than you’ve been led to believe. We’ve done some research to bring you a complete guide to retirement housing options.

Retirement Villages

The dream for all social butterflies! There are different packages, homes and structures but most villages centre around the idea of active living and senior-focused communities. However, retirement villages aren’t for everyone. They can be restrictive of different lifestyles, full of hidden fees, too much of a secluded community or simply too expensive for some seniors to afford.

Aged Care/ Nursing Homes

This form of retirement housing is suited for retirees who need an extra hand. With skilled on-site nursing staff, aged care has all the resources and amenities you need – conveniently located right at your door!

Sterling New Life

 A relatively new way of retiring, Sterling New Life lets you live in a home with complete security of tenure. It’s a great way to retire if you are looking to alleviate hefty debt, mortgage or expenses without compromising on your choice in lifestyle or entering into a retirement village. Often confused with private renting, you pay no weekly rent – just a simple and affordable one-off payment, all of which you receive back when you decide to leave. Admittedly, it can seem too good to be true! – so for a more comprehensive explanation, head over to our ‘How It Works’ page.

Staying Put

 With an abundance of memories and familiar neighbourhood, staying in the family home is obviously the ideal housing option for most seniors. Plus, you know exactly where everything is (and where the best coffee in town is)! But – like all things – it’s not always perfect. With a mortgage, it can be difficult to afford or make necessary modifications to stairs and infrastructure.


 Downsizing has become synonymous with retirement; allowing you to cut back on expenses in your golden years and move into a smaller, more manageable home. You get all the benefits of home ownership – but all the cons too. Remember to factor in council rates, on-going maintenance and improvements. Something that’s not-too-bad if you love a bit of D-I-Y!

Privately Renting

Private renting often gets a bad rap, but it can be an affordable and sensible housing solution. You might not receive the same level of privacy, but you’re also free from the burden of home-ownership responsibility. A word of caution though: always enquire on the security of your tenure. You don’t want a landlord kicking you out with a moment’s notice!