Do You See the World Differently as You Age?

Do you see the world differently as you age

One characteristic of ageing that is commented on by many, relates to a certain inclination to believe that you have “seen it all before”.

This shouldn’t be misconstrued as suggesting you are jaded with life.  It simply reflects the reality that many situations that younger people will see as “novel” will be seen in a much broader life experience background context by senior citizens.

Another characteristic that changes is the drive to take risks to get ahead. 

In younger people, taking risks and fighting to get ahead is a big part of life.  That might be fair enough at the age of 30 because if you take a financial risk and get it badly wrong, you have perhaps half a century ahead of you to recover from the consequences.

At the age of say 65 or 70, there is far less time and fewer earnings opportunities available to recover from financial errors.  As a result, most of us are inclined to be more conservative in our decision-making and thereby avoid taking wild speculative risks with our financial security.

Nowhere is that truer than in the context of real estate.

Attitudes to purchasing risk and optimistic assumptions about growth factors are likely to be very different at the age of 30 to the way we see things at 70.  Once we get towards retirement age, most of us want security and certainty in our accommodation – not something that is the equivalent of hoping we get and stay “lucky”.

This is, of course, where our unique proposition comes into play.  It offers housing that might not only be more suitable for people approaching or past retirement age but also a solution that offers perfectly manageable risks and rewards going forward over time.

Of course, we should all be aware of our responsibilities to be careful with our money as we age.  That’s as true at 70 as it was at 30.  That’s why we operate an entirely open and transparent culture surrounding our property propositions.

If you are looking for a stress-free accommodation proposition and one that doesn’t involve the frenetic risks that you would have undertaken enthusiastically in your twenties or thirties, why not contact us now at Sterling First Gold Coast to find out more about how we can help?