Debunking the “Stress Ends at 60” Myth

Stress Ends at 60

There is an image portrayed in many movies and TV shows, to the effect that senior and retired people spend most of their time “pottering about” doing odd hobby-jobs and enjoying themselves.

The implication appears to be that once you reach 60 or thereabouts, life starts getting pretty easy and life-stresses disappear into the domain of memory.

Yet as many Australian seniors know, that is nonsense.


Of course it’s perfectly true that some people, through a combination of good fortune and hard work, are able to achieve a relatively stress-free life by the time they approach retirement.

True, if you have a very comfortable income and savings position, plus good health, then retirement can be a truly the golden third age and one that might be largely free of stress.

However, such situations are far from the norm. As you age, it is necessary to take some very positive steps to try and remove as much stress and worry from your life as is possible.

It doesn’t just happen automatically by virtue of the fact that you have passed a certain age milestone!

What causes stress in the older age?

There are typically a relatively few generic categories that can bring unwanted stress in older age:

  • housing and accommodation. This can easily happen if you are struggling to maintain mortgage repayments or find yourself in property that may have been ideal in your earlier life but which is now proving difficult for you to cope with. A property that was in an ideal location and a perfect size when you were raising a young family, can become something of a millstone in later life;
  • This may be accommodation and running cost related or perhaps based on your declining income levels;
  • health;
  • children and grandchildren.

The good news though is with the possible exception of the last one, there may be things you can do in all these areas in order to reduce your concerns and stress levels.


Here are a few tips worth considering:

  • if you are concerned about the affordability, suitability or just manageability of your existing property, do something about it! You typically will have options including our own revolutionary proposition;
  • finances – we do not claim to be financial advisers but it is usually possible to do something to reduce your outgoings or increase your income, even as you approach senior age. Yet again, our housing innovation may be able to help there;
  • health – your own doctor and the numerous state and local authorities, will all have excellent programmes and advice relating to how you can keep fit and active as you age. Sensible eating and plenty of exercise are usually two common factors but make sure you get regular check-ups and above all, do whatever you can to reduce the stress in your life;
  • children and grandchildren – there isn’t anything we would presume to advise here! However old they may be, our kids are always likely to be something we worry about!

If you’d like to know more about how our revolutionary housing concept may be able to help you significantly in at least some of the above areas, why not contact us at your earliest opportunity?

Our discussions would be entirely confidential and of course, entirely non-committal on your part.