Do You See the World Differently as You Age?

One characteristic of ageing that is commented on by many, relates to a certain inclination to believe that you have “seen it all before”.

This shouldn’t be misconstrued as suggesting you are jaded with life.  It simply reflects the reality that many situations that younger people will see as “novel” will be seen in a much broader life experience background context by senior citizens.

Another characteristic that changes is the drive to take risks to get ahead.  Read more “Do You See the World Differently as You Age?”

Debunking the “Stress Ends at 60” Myth

There is an image portrayed in many movies and TV shows, to the effect that senior and retired people spend most of their time “pottering about” doing odd hobby-jobs and enjoying themselves.

The implication appears to be that once you reach 60 or thereabouts, life starts getting pretty easy and life-stresses disappear into the domain of memory.

Yet as many Australian seniors know, that is nonsense. Read more “Debunking the “Stress Ends at 60” Myth”