How Different Were Your Childhood Days to those of Kids in the 21st Century?

For anyone much over about 50, today’s childhood experience appears to be almost incomprehensible.

Have you seen such changes?  Do you believe that they are for the better or worse?  Are youngsters today better off in terms of their recreational experiences than you were in your youth?

Let’s explore some of the issues and see just how much you remember from your own childhood days!

The garden, yard, street or countryside

One of the biggest changes senior people comment on today is how 21st century youngsters play –or perhaps don’t! Read more “How Different Were Your Childhood Days to those of Kids in the 21st Century?”

FAQs – Accommodation after Retirement

In what follows below, a long-established professional in post-retirement accommodation issues will deal with a range of frequently asked questions relating to this area.

What are the main drivers behind people seeking specific retirement age accommodation?

Surprisingly, the issues that get people looking for retirement accommodation are not typically negative ones!

True, some people may be, for example, less mobile as they age and therefore not inclined to relish large staircases in their property (etc.).  However, the majority of the reasons are positive and diverse, including: Read more “FAQs – Accommodation after Retirement”

Tell-Tale Signs that a Phone Call is a Fraud

It’s a sad fact of life that many “scammers” (which is a modern-day word for crooks and thieves) target people they believe to be “elderly”.

This is absolutely nothing to do with them believing that anyone over 50 is daft or senile. It’s much subtler than that.


You see these creatures pry on older people because we grew up in a more innocent age. There was no internet, PCs and even phones were a comparative rarity. Some, of course, would argue that there were fewer crooks around too. Read more “Tell-Tale Signs that a Phone Call is a Fraud”

Retirees and RVs versus Truckers – Who’s to Blame?

There has recently been another “explosion” of resentment between two road user groups in Australia – RV owners and Truckers.

Although part of a long-simmering dispute, things are coming to a head with some parties asking for laws to be passed to resolve the conflict.

What’s the issue?

At its heart, this is all about “speed” on the road.

Here is the trucker’s version: Read more “Retirees and RVs versus Truckers – Who’s to Blame?”

Giving your Children Financial Assistance

Whatever the law may say, in reality, our children age, mature and transition to real “adult status” at different rates.

Some can be entirely responsible, trustworthy and well-balanced by the age of 15 or 16.  They can be completely equipped to cope with financial matters and be relied upon to behave appropriately.  By contrast, other children can seemingly struggle to get to grips with the adult world of money and it’s probably fair to say that we have all met people who, at the age of 30, still appear to be struggling to move out of a certain childish immaturity where financial matters are concerned. Read more “Giving your Children Financial Assistance”

Downsizing Property – Multiple Occupancy Properties

Once we retire, we are sometimes faced with a bit of a dilemma relating to property.

Intellectually, we may recognise that our existing property constitutes something of an “empty nest” challenge.  The kids may be off our hands and the space that was once essential for the family to spread out and enjoy itself, is suddenly becoming a liability in terms of maintenance. Read more “Downsizing Property – Multiple Occupancy Properties”

Do you Remember the Garden Washing Mangle?

A recent TV programme on antiques showed an old washing “mangle” and described it as “a Victorian device that disappeared as the twentieth century arrived”.

That, of course, was nonsense!

True, the mangle had been used during the 18th and 19th centuries and perhaps variations of it had existed previously.  Any idea though that these large household appliances simply disappeared overnight in the year 1900, is just wrong. Read more “Do you Remember the Garden Washing Mangle?”

What do You Expect From Your Children Once you Have Retired?

This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions, in an emotional sense, many parents have to face as they approach their own retirement.

The past

Up until the middle of the 20th century, it was a relatively commonplace for parents at or after retirement age, to eventually move in with their by then typically married children. Read more “What do You Expect From Your Children Once you Have Retired?”